A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Thriving Store on Facebook

If you want to set up a successful store, you have to get proactive. You need to find ways to pull customers in their millions to your brand, and they are not going to come if you sit back and do nothing. Fortunately, there are social networks like Facebook where you can reach out to millions of potential customers. Every day, over one billion people log in to scroll through their timeline for about an hour. Regardless of the size of your shop, you can start channeling part of the droves of people on the network towards your store and start making top dollar. In this article, you’ll learn what a Facebook shop is, how it works, and how best to leverage Facebook for financial prosperity.

What is a Facebook shop?

Facebook Shop is a feature that allows you to market and sell your products via your Facebook page to other Facebook users. If a user likes what they see on their page, then click on it, and a page with more product specs, images, videos, and other details pops up.

What are the merits of having a Facebook store?

If you are asking yourself whether starting a Facebook store is a good idea, here are some reasons for it:

You can tag your products along with your posts to market them and increase sales

This is one significant advantage; if you have a page with plenty of fans, you can tag your products in every post you make to ensure that your fans know of their existence and any special offers you may be giving out.

Facebook is more of a social site

Unlike your website where people can look through your products, take screenshots and forget about them, Facebook has millions of users on board who can like your products, images, and videos, share them, tag their friends, and leave a comment with their thoughts or questions. The fact that there is an aspect of ‘friends’ means that your brand is not exposed to one person but an entire network of people who probably trust each others’ judgment. If one friend likes what you have, about ten of them also will.

How to set up a Facebook shop

Create a Facebook business page

The first thing you will need is a Facebook business page so that you can access the ‘Shop’ tab. This page is absolutely free and will help you look more professional as you manage your business on Facebook. Using your personal profile makes you miss out on important business tools like paid promotional tools, analytics, and content creation, which would take your store to the next level. Again, for a potential customer to view your product, they’d have to send a friend request, which is a barrier.

Set up your Facebook Store tab

Visit your page and click ‘Settings’ upon which you will get a list of options. Select ‘Templates and Tabs,’ ‘Add a tab,’ navigate to ‘Shop,’ click on it then Shop will automatically be added to your page. You can use the ‘drag and drop’ function to rearrange the tabs on your page as you see fit, but be sure to place ‘Shop’ in the top three so that it is visible to page visitors who seek your tab list.

Configure the finer details

If your shop tab is not showing, be sure that the ‘Show Shop Tab’ is on in the ‘Templates and Tabs’ settings. Otherwise, click on shop, read through the terms and conditions, then accept them by clicking ‘Continue.’ The next step would be to select how you want customers to buy your products; ‘Message to Buy’ or ‘Check out on another website.’ In the US, you can accept payments via your page by linking your bank or Stripe account.

Add products!

This is the most exciting part; in the ‘Shop’ tab, click ‘Add Products’ and upload the best images and videos of your products and a compelling product description. You’ll have to add at least one image of the product and for the best results, take a high-resolution photo (1024×1024) in a well-lit setting against a white background. Avoid excessive punctuations, excessive titles, phone numbers, and email addresses in your description. Instead, have an easy to read, grammatically correct description that highlights the product’s unique specs.

Facebook shops with E-commerce platforms

If you are looking to make the maximum possible returns from your Facebook venture, consider integrating an e-commerce service like Shopify. These services offer you robust e-commerce features that increase your store’s functionality and make running it incredibly convenient. For instance, with Shopify, you can not only market and sell your products on Facebook, but to the audiences on Instagram, eBay and Amazon through your control panel. Shopify also allows you to integrate Facebook and Messenger to sell your products.

How to start a Facebook store with Shopify

Create a Shopify store first

Before you decide on a standalone shop or one with Shopify, you can try out Shopify’s 14-day free trial to test their remarkable features. Afterward, you can start with a monthly package of $29 to get your store off the ground. You can now visit your dashboard to choose and customize your storefront’s theme, add a domain name then add a product.

Link up your Shopify store to your Facebook business page

Simply visit your Shopify Dashboard, click on ‘Sales Channels’ then click the plus to add Facebook, then click ‘Connect Account’ to link up Shopify and Facebook. After that, allow Facebook to ‘manage your pages and publish as pages you manage,’ then select the page that you want to make a Facebook Shop for. From there, you have to accept Facebook’s terms and conditions then wait for 48hours for Facebook to approve your store. As soon as you are approved, visit your Shopify Dashboard to add your products.

Make products available

Click on ‘Actions’ on your Shopify dashboard, click on ‘make products available,’ select Facebook then click ‘make products available.’ You can also edit how products are arranged on your Facebook store via the ‘Publishing’ tab under ‘Facebook’ still on your dashboard. With these few steps, you can become a proud owner of a robust Facebook store!


Facebook has a massive following that visits daily for business activities or to buy something they need. The shop option allows you to create a lucrative online business with over 2.2 billion potential customers. Learn more on how to use Facebook to sell your products.


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