Theirs is a story of overcoming terrible odds in the face of war and poverty, finding a new life, and going home to help a community in need. A group of young orphaned refugees escaped warring militia forces, trekked through the wilderness facing the threat of wild animals, witnessed their friends' deaths by drowning, starvation, and fatigue. These Lost Boys fled their homeland and journeyed to neighboring countries. Some made it as far as the United States, residing in Florida, Texas, California, Kentucky, Nebraska, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Maine. The organization also has members in the Republic of South Sudan.

These Lost Boys have grown up and wish to use their skills to benefit their home community. The organization already has members and a base in South Sudan where its activities are carried out. Among a number of goals the Panyijiar Community Development Services group hopes to achieve is the construction of a library in Ganyliel, which they finally accomplished in June 2012

Panyijiar Community Development Services s a 501 (c) 3 exempt organization in North Dakota that is meant to support and stimulate the dreams of Lost Boys of South Sudan from Nyuong Community plus sympathizers to their cause. In this regard PACODES strives to improve facilities of education, community health care, parenting, clean water, agriculture, humanitarian, in addition to peace and conflict resolution activities in South Sudan. Check out the details of our plans on the Projects page.

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"Planting the seeds of change."

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